As I especially love exploring different ethnic restaurants, it’s probably not surprising that my travel experiences are heavily based around experiencing the culture through food as well.  I plan to document my experiences traveling here as I feel like what I learn and experience on my travels has helped me expand my knowledge about different types of cuisine.  This more intimate familiarity with culture in turn helps me identify and appreciate the versions available here in their different forms and evolutions.

One of my favorite things about traveling is that it opens you up to some amazing food experiences for the first time, but this unfortunately often gives the curse of undeniable food cravings from halfway across the world.  It does, however, give you the ambition to seek out those dishes locally that can give you a similar experience.  As I find places to quell the cravings, I’ll share them as well.

Taipei, Taiwan Nov-Dec 2011

Airport food in ATL and LAX

China Air serves some local cuisine

First real taste of Taiwanese beef noodle soup (niu rou mian), the ultimate comfort food

Japanese coffee shop breakfast, bubble tea, walking in the park

Kopi Luwak, Parisian macarons, xiao long bao

Starbucks vs. Mr. Brown, jade & flower market, and Shanghai feast

Fantastic ramen, fresh fruit juice, and lu rou fan

Taiwanese breakfast & Taipei 101

Tamsui & Hunan dinner

Wulai waterfalls & hot springs


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