The Quest for the Best

It seems like a devilishly fun and daunting undertaking to compile a list of certain types of food that I am really passionate about and attempt to find, examine, and compare similar versions of these things at different places.  I’m even considering learning more about each dish by going so far as to attempt to make my own version and documenting the process to develop a deeper respect and understanding of these items.

A current list of these food items and places I’ve checked out that offer these items will be kept on this page and updated as I generate new reviews that pertain to the foods on the list.  I’m also going to continuously update an informative page with information on each item and include summary reviews of the different versions I’ve tried.

For the sake of control, I plan on selecting a standard type and sticking to it across the board whenever possible for fair comparisons.

My ambitious list:

Phở tái
Lee’s Bakery–very aromatic clean broth, ample pieces of meat, good (although slightly clumped) noodles, really fresh garnishes, felt much saltier after the fact

Grilled pork bánh mì
Lee’s Bakery–very well balanced bread, great distribution and quantity of garnishes, perfect amount of creaminess and tang from mayo/butter, pork good (but not great)

Avocado smoothie with boba

Goat curry

Duck confit
Miller Union–extremely tender layers with melted rendered fat contrasting crisp skin, poached egg creaminess and garnishes of onion broth and vegetables worked beautifully

Chicken sausage gumbo
Miller Union–rich dark velvety roux, wonderfully balanced, nice spicy undertone, fresh finishing okra, great stock base, andouille made in house

Pozole rojo

Tacos de lengua

Tonkotsu ramen


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