C’est Moi

Mirepoix is a little different than the Cajun holy trinity that I grew up with in Louisiana as the Cajuns use bell pepper instead of carrots, but at its heart is the starting point of creation and the root of tradition and culture.

I grew up a product of Cajun and Italian families in Louisiana where it would be difficult not to develop a passion for food.  In the past few years, I’ve found myself living in Atlanta and enjoying the particular melding of the food scene here; it’s an eccentric mix of people who often seem to be coming and going with just enough southern style to make me feel at ease.  Atlanta is home to a great variety of fine dining restaurants as well as a wonderful ethnic food scene off the beaten path.

What has always inspired me were those first moments that I got to experience food from other cultures.  I recall as a child putting aside my pizza to have a bit of braised red cabbage and bratwurst at the Oktoberfest.  I was so intrigued by these completely foreign flavors that were entirely new and exciting to me that it inspired me to branch out of kid-friendly comfort foods.  Another special food turning point was my first fancy meal at age 12 at La Provence when I had lamb for the first time and some incredible gumbo that pushed the boundaries of beloved comfort food in new ways.  It made me aware of a whole different level of food and execution, and I relished the sacred few occasions I got to dine in such great places.

I still relish new flavors from around the world to the more inventive world of fine dining from the subtle to dynamic.  A truly great meal has the effect of being unforgettable, inspiring, and timeless.  There are many stories that can be told as a dialogue from chef to diner through a meal, and these are my analyses and interpretations of what has been presented to me.

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