Charleston Eats: EVO

October 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

1075 E Montague Ave
North Charleston, SC 29405

I managed to make a trip out here on my fairly short visit to Charleston.  I recalled seeing EVO featured for their use of fresh, local ingredients and their namesake “Extra Virgin Oven” wood-fired pizzas.  It seemed straightforward and charming enough of a concept that their presence stuck in my head, and I figured that this place might be worth investigating if I ever found myself with the time and the stomach space during my trip (a rare commodity amongst the many great restaurants to explore in the area).  That day, I was craving something lighter after all the heavy food I’d been consuming, and some quick research led me to notice that their salads looked divine.  I soon ended up in the small and refreshingly quaint historical district of North Charleston checking out a quick lunchtime sample of a daily special salad and one of their pizzas.

Click here to see more about EVO’s awesome salad and to check out their pizza as well


First Taste: Yebo.

October 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

3500 Peachtree Rd
Suite 1096B
Atlanta, GA 30342

Yebo (yeah-bō), a “South African informal expression of affirmation: Zulu for yes, I agree, hello,” sets the tone for a casual introduction to South African food a new tapas-style South African restaurant.  This restaurant and lounge recently popped up in Phipps Plaza taking over a location on the edge of a mall with a nice patio area that’s seen a few other restaurants come and go. It’s the tapas-style sister of 10 Degrees South featuring “South African fare with a bit of a twist.” A glance at the menu reveals this twist to be partially southern American cuisine by way of shrimp &  grits, chicken livers, bread pudding, and fried chicken (although arguably some of these things are African in nature to begin with).  I was intrigued by Yebo.’s promise of melding these cuisines and was looking forward to their flavor combinations as I think of South African food as having dynamic spices incorporated from parts of Africa as well as Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, French, German cuisine among many others.  I warmed to the idea of this place immediately and was anxious to try it out for myself when I was offered the option of dining there.

Click here to see how Yebo.’s fusion pans out

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