Miso Izakaya’s Ramen Lunch

September 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

I am by no means an expert on ramen, but I have been spoiled in that I’ve had the opportunity to have a few fantastic bowls of a few types in both Tokyo and Taipei.  This privilege has been both a blessing and a curse as it’s left me with an insatiable craving for something equally as good closer to home as well as established some lofty standards for everything else to measure up to.  The bowls of ramen I had overseas were not my first specimens–I began my search around Atlanta at Shoya Izakaya and Yakitori Jinbei–but what I experienced on that side of the world really were something magical and set the tone for outstanding broth, tender pork, and pristine garnishes.  I have since tried ramen here at Tomo, Raku, and Umaido.  Some where better than others (one in particular I had no desire to finish), but none came close enough to my memories to truly satisfy me.

I have heard tales of the ramen at Miso Izakaya on occasional late nights, but I wasn’t up to date enough with social media to be aware and generally I wasn’t prepared to fight a crowd for it.  As soon as it seemed to have appeared, it faded away with the announcement that it was too much work to serve with everything else.  Fortunately enough, they have very recently opened up a lunch service there where they only serve ramen so constantly checking twitter and fighting crowds for the elusive ramen are unnecessary.  Although they will still potentially run out of broth at some point, but as far as I could gather that seems to be by 1:30 during their first week of opening which is not intimidating.

So I finally took the time to check out a bowl today.  Despite all the accolade, I honestly wasn’t expecting much based on my other experiences here.  So how did this bowl measure up?

Click here to see how Miso Izakaya’s ramen stacks up


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