King of Pops

May 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

King of Pops
Locations vary; check website for details.

While waiting in line for the food trucks on the first Thursday of Midown’s street food gathering, I spied the tell-tale chalk sign and thought it a good idea to have a little “waiting” amuse-bouche popsicle to tickle the palette and combat the Atlanta heat. But really, is there ever not a good time for a King of Pops popsicle? I think not. Their fresh(ly frozen) fruits and natural ingredients are apparent in every pop, but we all have our favorites, and I’m on the search to try them all and find mine. Currently, the top runner in my mind is coconut lemongrass, and I’m hard pressed not to get it if I see it. It is predominately coconut, creamy and slightly icy at the same time with what I presume must be a mix of both coconut milk and water, a little hint of lemongrass keeps it from being mundane. The coconut works wonderfully and seems to last forever as the flavor never manages to pry itself from the ice like some other flavors do. But as this flavor wasn’t there for me to reanalyze, I settled for some alternatives.

Green Apple Lemonade (left)

A subtly tart, almost oversweetned lemonade-heavy popsicle with a frosty bite to it. I know from my sorbet making experience that it’s difficult to get citrus to end up tasting sharp and a little watered down when it’s frozen, and this was no exception. It was a little less flavorful than other ones I’ve tried, but that goes with the territory. What did work for it was that it felt a little more refreshing in the heat, so it served its purpose. The disappointment was that the green apple didn’t really get a chance to shine through other than in some minute fibrous bits throughout, but again, that’s a difficult combination to pull off in a frozen treat.  It was still refreshing.

Arnold Palmer (right)

I’ve never been a fan of sweet tea myself, and I’m certainly not much of a fan of arnold palmers in general, but this was really well executed and sort of won me over. It had the right depth of flavor and sweetness that lended well to being frozen. It was refreshing and had a nice flavor balance of sweetness and tea bitterness with a tang of lemon that left me satisfied.

Strawberry Orange Banana

Is simple best when it comes to popsicles?  This tastes pretty much how you’d expect, but still better given the quality of ingredients and lack of fillers. The orange gets a little lost in the mix, but still emerges in subtle notes as you continue to taste the pop especially when you hit one of the numerous little pieces of pulp throughout. The center stage flavors are a really nice balance of strawberry and banana. The popsicle is pleasantly creamy on the lick due to the nature of the main fruits involved, although a little icy on the bite still as it doesn’t contain milk. There are nice bits of strawberry seeds and pulp that really sell this one to me, and it’s sweetened perfectly letting the fruit stars really shine on their own. It’s certainly above and beyond what you’d find at any store, and does not taste watered down in the slightest.

Final verdict:

I have nothing but love for the King of Pops and their ability to be at every festival, food truck area, and different local businesses around town. I am pretty much going to pick one up at nearly every opportunity, and with their ever-evolving selection of flavors, how can I not keep going back to try them all?


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