Good Food

May 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

Good Food Truck
Part of the Atlanta Street Food Coalition.

This was one of my three stops when I visited the Thursday food truck lunch gathering in Midtown at 10th & Peachtree and Woodruff Arts Center. From my understanding, they are located at Woodruff Arts Center location every Thursday until further notice. One of the more praised food trucks around, I was curious to sample their unique savory cones. Unfortunately as this was the first lunch experience on Thursdays, they were admittedly unprepared for the masses and apologetic about it. As I stood in a fairly long line, I watched a few items be erased from the menu and one new one was also added. It kept me on my toes, and I manged to get one of the new items as well as the very last of another.

Curry Cone
savory curry waffle cone filled with cold samosa potato salad and topped with mint yogurt and tamarind chutney

The mint yogurt and tamarind chutney were a little nicer-looking and slightly more present before a potato covered in both decided to take a nose dive into my purse, and this photograph was shortly after that fact. The cone itself was mildly sweet and lightly curried with a texture a little softer and less crunchy than a standard freshly made waffle cone of the ice cream variety. The cold samosa filling with lovely little pops of fresh peas did a good job of flavoring the potatoes. I enjoyed what little there was of the yogurt and tangy tamarind chutney, but I think there could have been a bit more of it. Yes, I lost a tiny bit of it, but once you got past that first bite, there wasn’t any more inside. It would have been nice to have a dollop or two of these things hiding inside. While this was good, it wasn’t terribly exciting nor did it push any flavor profile boundaries for me. I also think that the cone itself was a little bit too sweet for me and would have preferred a different flavor pairing there. Still, an interesting idea and I’m certainly planning on trying them again perhaps with the then-sold-out Parmesan cone.

French toast bun, beef hot dog, topped with apple-maple slaw

Oh, the last Poodle off the truck! Oh, how the last one offered got the short end of the execution stick! The flavors somehow have stuck with me in my memory, however, so that’s a good thing, right? Well, the french toasted bun was a miss. I’m not even sure it got too much of a dip in the French toast batter nor did it get a nice french toast brown to it other than the tiny tiny bit at the top in the picture. Although it must have been dipped in something because it was rather soggy–you can see the bun beginning to rip apart at the bottom. I wonder what their standard is for this bun because I’m guessing what I got wasn’t it. The hot dog itself, on the other hand, was really quite good. It was rich juicy, fatty meat goodness and cut through the maple syrup sweetness perfectly. The apples provided a nice softened crisp textural element, but the hot dog really dominated the flavor. The drizzles I added of a little more syrup and stone ground mustard were really nice and I kind of liked this even though it was a bit of a soggy mess. I’d try it again to see how off of the standard this one was because I suspect it could be much better.

Quick Bite:

Cold Sesame Noodles
whole wheat noodles, carrots, peppers, and cucumbers in sesame dressing

I only sampled one bite of this, so I can’t comment too extensively, but it was surprisingly light for being mostly carb, and rather nice and refreshing in the heat. I didn’t pick up a lot of flavor from the sauce, however.

Final Verdict:

Good Food truck offers a fun option for street food with some creative ideas. Despite some execution flaws this time around, I found the flavor concepts interesting enough to certainly give them another chance and would still recommend dropping by and seeing what they are serving up. I hear their Parmesan cone is a great bet, and I’m anxious to try it.


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